Passione is a Vanilla Factions server aimed at creating an equal playing field and maintaining a competitive-oriented community. We offer similar experience to pure vanilla/anarchy servers with the twist of being able to create factions and much smaller map allowing to meet other players more frequently. The major difference that makes us unique within Factions server type is that everything is achieved through vanilla gameplay. There are no shops or in-game economy, no mcmmo or any addons that could bloat the intended vanilla experience. We aim to keep only the necessary plugins and minimal human moderation. Griefing and raiding are permitted and encouraged. There is no spawn protection and you're free to cast cobble monsters, grief it and slay new players just like on any vanilla server. The only non-vanilla commands available are standard /home and /tpa commands common to the Factions game mode.

Why we chose Factions?

Factions is a Minecraft game mode which allows you to take base protection matter into your own hands. Our goal is to be a middle ground between pure vanilla/anarchy servers and friendly PvE servers. On first you cannot protect your base at all and have to rely on travelling thousands of blocks away. Additionally you may find very little player interaction outside spawn area. On the second there is no other goal than building and servers like this may have trouble to stay entertaining in longer-term. We believe Factions-oriented server will encourage interaction within community based around forging alliances, waging wars and maintaining sports-like competition as we see PvP being the ultimate goal for end-game in Minecraft.

Fair raiding policy

If you've ever played classic factions before, chances are that you encountered a server where offline explosions are either always on making the task of protecting your base impossible or always off leading to frustration when defenders logged off to save theirs.

Here if you log out your base will be safe from harm, however once a week on a set time every faction on the server becomes offline-raidable for one hour. It's our solution to prevent cheesy gameplay style where people log out in order to avoid losing or make unraidable "vault" bases on alt accounts that are always offline. Therefore, you can expect most action happen during raiding hour enabling you to prepare for it in advance.

How to get started

Factions is a game mode best played with a team of friends, however if you remain a solo player and want to try it out there is still a way to get started. Initially, if you want to quickly gain teammates, you can try recruiting a pick-up group on our discord or directly in game chat. This is a valid way to begin, however as time progresses on the server more players will divide themselves into various camps. This will likely cause a situation where you may encounter someone that could abuse your trust. A safer option to recommend would be definitely to start your own solo faction and try to get involved in the community by gaining fame as a player that would be good to have on your side.

Recommended things to have in your base would be a mob spawner or a villager trading hall for steady exp and high end gear income, storage area for distributing and maintaining loot and a brewing area for supply of potions for battle. Remember this server is vanilla, so we don’t have plugins that would allow moving and placing mob spawners, so if you won’t find any you’ll have to adapt.

Once you've set up your base and secured all the necessities you may want to engage in PvP activities by fighting for rule across spawn area, raiding and subduing other factions to gain supremacy or offer help to others and establish alliances against a common rival. No matter what possible path will you choose, most importantly — remember to maintain sporty behaviour and you enjoy your time playing. Good luck and have fun!


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If you wish to help us reach out to new players and make our small community grow you can vote for our server clicking on diamond icons below. Each time you vote you will be eligible to receive unique rewards, that do not bloat the vanilla experience. If you have any feedback regarding our voting rewards we would love to hear from you.

Voting rewards

Due to certain types of skybase being very difficult to raid without elytra, as well as ability of players to clear the entire nether from nether warts we offer additional one-time rewards in order to preserve balance for everyone.

One time special rewards